Working with Volunteers to do More

Show me a working organisation and I’ll show you its volunteers. Volunteers are so much of a blessing, depending on how you are able to manage what they have to offer. Volunteers work for the good of the organisation without getting the pay which is due them according to market ranges. They also the focus on the contribution they make to the organisation and not what the organisation can do for them.

Here’s a way they maximise the services of volunteers:

1. Provide incentives

This cannot be ruled out. Stipends go a long way to encouraging volunteers. And this does not have to be about money. It could be a free organisation T-shirt or face cap, note pad and the likes.

2. Appreciate them often

Many people need a little praise and ego-stroking to boost their efficiency. You must know that volunteers are first human beings and they respond to rewards and what constantly makes them feel good about themselves.

3. Gradually Shift Their Focus

Help the volunteers see that the work they do is impacting the community for good and not just the organisation. Help them see that they are a part of the big story that the world looks forward to.

4. Training Opportunities

It is okay if volunteers learn on the job. Their capacity development is for them and also for the benefit of the organisation. Help them become better people. It helps them enjoy the job and makes their experience with your organisation unforgettable.

5. Alert them about opportunities

Study the personal focus and drivers of your volunteers and do well to recommend opportunities which they can take advantage of. It shows you care about their personal growth and progress as much as you do care about the organisation you lead.

6. Encourage Teamwork and Team Leadership

Create activities and tasks that bring your volunteers together — teaching them teamwork and team leadership. Help them get used to delivering results through Teamwork.

7. Respect Them

No matter the age range of your volunteers, understand that they are as important as you are in that organisation. They run things. Treat them with respect. Speak to them politely and encourage them.

If you volunteers are for you, nothing can be against you.

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