The Magic Wand Called Pitch: The how-to

Pitch can be described as so many things. But generally, it means presenting an idea, business or invention to a group of potential benefactors which could be investors or donors of any kind of support. Making a pitch of an idea could be a stepping stone or a stumbling block, depending on how it is handled. On this episode of Impact Saturday (iS), we would be sharing what a great pitch means. There are many ways to go about a good pitch but we’ll be assessing five of those.

1. Avoid vain repetitions

A great pitch is concise, straightforward, simple and articulate. Repeating words and ideas always comes out boring.

2. Make up your mind to have fun

Pitching is not meant to be an intellectually strenuous activity. Your audience would like to see how free you are about pitching your idea. It goes to show how much you’re into your innovation.

3. Don’t cram

This cannot be overemphasized. Cramming is dangerous because it make you recite. If you’re stopped and asked to start again, you get to say the same words over again. That’s not so good.

4. Streamline to your audience: Why did they ask for your pitch?

Talk about the benefits of your idea to your audience especially. Your idea might have many benefits,go over them once but emphasize how your audience can benefit from it. For example, if it’s an idea to benefit the society majorly, let your benefactors love to feel like a part of making the society a better place. Give them a sense of active contribution to the society.

5. Storytelling

Storytelling helps your audience engage their minds with yours. It makes them remember what you said in a way they can relate to. Storytelling adequately substitutes for those complex charts and statistics. Storytelling enhances your pitch and creates an atmosphere for your audience to love your innovation. No one can resist a story well told.

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Fast-tracking social sector stories

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