Sustainable Revenue Streams For Nonprofits

We know how crucial funding and access to it could be to the success or failure of non-profit organisations. For your organisation to scale up and stem the tides, it is important that funds are available, an not with utmost dependence on donors.

An organisation which has the best goals in the world may find it difficult to achieve those goals without monies and this is to the loss of the whole world. This essentially is why bigger organisations and even private corporate bodies make funds available to innovative non-profits so that lack of money would not be the reason a dream didn’t come through. This leads us to the first point:

Leveraging Grants and Seed Funds

All you need to get such more-than-available grants is a great proposal or pitch and maybe consistency in some cases. Some want to see that you have made moves on your idea. Some want to be sure that you’re prudent and can manage your funds well by proving previous work done in past months or years. Some may require some level of contest or competition to get to choose a beneficiary of the fund. You can find out about such competitions on

For-profit Moves

Now this is a very practical section of this article. A non profit can attach a price to a course, a manual, a digital product, a service even while still achieving its set goals. This takes off some dependence from donors. It’s great for people to donate but not-so-good if nothing can be done if donors don’t donate. Other for-profit moves are:

1. Selling sessions

2. Running adverts (on site, on page etc)

3. Selling upgraded versions of available products/services.

4. Become beneficiaries of Impact investors.

5. Trade with donations with due information to the donors.

We hope this is useful to you in the long run.



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