Striking Meaningful Partnerships and Collaborations: The HOW

As the saying goes, no man is an Island. This is also as true as the saying that no organisation is a island. We all work together for the benefit of all. For organisations like ours whose main focus is the 17th SDG which has as its main bane partnerships, it is imperative that we know the right ways to go about the right partnerships. If this article is of interest to you, then please follow through with it.

Striking partnerships and collaborations can just be your big hit into the expansion of your organisation especially if you strike the right partnerships. Now here is what to look out for:

1. Assets

This is not about money. What has the other organisation have that you do not have? Striking partnerships is as opposed to competitions. As a matter of fact, in the social sector, we do not believe in competitions. We collaborate instead. Collaborations should be based on what would otherwise have been a competitive advantage of the other party. That’s how it works. This can be location. Maybe you’re seeking to get to a new location and your partner has a foot there. It could be goodwill and connections with other organisations that you have to offer. It could be a grant your partner is in a better position to get.

2. Communicate Interests and Expectations

This is so important. Make your partner understand your expectations while you also communicate yours. This births a profitable work relationship.

3. Address Foreseeable Issues

Try to envisage foreseeable issues and address them on time. What can be a challenge to your partnership or collaboration? Try to imagine them and ask your partner questions beginning with “what if…

4. Respect Your Partner’s Privacy

People and organisations do not like collaborations because of privacy and some confidentiality. Do respect your partner’s choices. Don’t mention a donor whose information you’re privy to if they wouldn’t like the public show.

5. Take a look at the SDGs

In one of our articles, we mentioned that aligning your organisation’s goals to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a plus to your collaborations. Assess the SDGs linked to your partner-organisation. Assess yours. How are they useful to your organisation’s objectives. Does it cause a deviation from your goals? This is so important.

We hope to write more on collaborations but for now, we hope these take-home lessons help you foster great non-profit relationships. Kudos!



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