Leading An Organisation? Show Leadership In This Way.

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Leadership is a crucial topic of discussion when it comes to impact making because it gets to concern everyone. We see how leadership makes or mars intended impact and how the outcomes could affect the globe.

Leadership is also highlighted in reviews of what has not worked well, either through focusing on the wrong objectives or being noticeable by its absence. Social work with adults, and with children and families, has professional status, designated legislative responsibilities, central roles in safeguarding the most vulnerable, and an institutional and democratically elected organisational home.

As a leader of a social organisation it is more like the world is counting on you to deliver awesome leadership.

The How-to

1. Be a team player, not always a team leader. Let others taste leadership too. That way, they get to understand what you feel when you lead and probably the pressures that come with leadership.

2. The smartest guy must not always lead. This is a trite principle of leadership. Leave the smartest guy on the floor. If he always leads, the others would seem not-enough to work with him as they are not up to standard.

3. Promote and actively encourage diversity and inclusion. Avoid discriminating people based on sex, race or even sexual orientation.

4. Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. Do not be a do-it-all-yourself leader. It isn’t even good for you. Try to share responsibilities and delegate work.

5. Identify the weaknesses of each of your team members and pair them with their complementary partners for the best results.

6. Do not pick sides when two team members have issues. Try to be diplomatic and neutral. Also normalise having private sessions with the parties you think are very wrong. Preserve their dignity while being firm. No one likes to be embarrassed.

7. Thicken incentives. This doesn’t even have to do with money. Add other things which are great and good. Boost incentives.

8. Train your team members and volunteers. Sponsor or recommend books or courses to them.

Leadership is not complex until you make it so.

Fast-tracking social sector stories

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Fast-tracking social sector stories

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