Is your Organisation a SPEC?

1 min readJan 9, 2021


Is your organisation a SPEC? Spec is a term used in recent trends in assocation with an almost perfect human being, especially fit for a groom or bride. Impacty is about to take you on a journey into evaluating if your organisation is a spec. What we mean by spec is that your organisation has hit the basic score points of a promising social venture.

Let’s run the test!

S- Specific goals: Are the goals of your organisation spelt out, concise and comprehensive? Assess your organisation’s objectives. How specific are they? Or you having a goose chase?

P- Peculiar Message: innovation always sells. What stands your organisation’s message/objective out from other existing organisations within that sphere? In essence, what makes your organisation unique?

E- Excellent Communication: How brilliantly do your communicate your message? It’s one thing to have a beautiful message and another to properly communicate it. How can your score your organisation’s communication?

C- Creative Execution: How do you carry out your organisation’s activities? Exceptional people don’t do normal things, neither do they do things normally. How creative are your methods?

Now is your organisation a SPEC?