Granted, registrating your non profit organisation is not an easy peasy thing one can do while closing one’s eyes. However, it is not rocket science either. It is something one can do easily with a good lawyer/solicitor. It is not expensive either. Impacty in this article does a break down of costs you might incur while going about your non-profit registration.

Lawyer’s Fees — depends on the rate the lawyer gives you

A Registered office space — depends on negotiation

Proof of identity of the Trustees — ID Card or Driver’s License cost

Two newspaper publications — usually within the range of 20,000.00 naira or about $38

The Association’s constitution — part of lawyer’s fees or paid for separately.

Trustees declaration form which is required to be Signed by each trustee and Sworn in court or before a notary public — commissioner for oath’s stamp in court is 200. naira. Less than a dollar. A notary public’s fees is usually from 10,000 naira ($19) above.

You can do either of them.




Fast-tracking social sector stories

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Fast-tracking social sector stories

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