2 min readJan 8, 2021


If you have a conversation with a friend about the Telecommunications company with the yellow colour, only one company would come to mind. You know which it is. That’s how much colours are powerful. They could go a large extent into your branding and marketing as a non-profit organisation.

In this article, the power of brand colours is evinced in the following highlights:

First Impression

An impressive colour combination could be a good trigger for a lasting first impression on those who come about your organisation. Your colour should also tell a story linked to the message of your organisation and watch the world spin in awe.


Linked to the first point, colours communicate much about the brand to the public just by the meaning attached to the colours. See your brand colours as having meanings in themselves.


Images and colours are often faster message for conveyors than what reading or hearing could do. A colour seen does better than more information read.


Colours trigger memories. When someone sees a colour and sees the same shade of that class of colour somewhere else, it triggers that memory again. Minds are programmed to react to colours. Same way red still means ‘stop’ and green will mean ‘go’ even till tomorrow.

Having this information should help you to use your brand colours more judiciously. See the colours as yours and yours to keep forever! Avoid parading your brand with too many colour combinations and endeavour to stick to the colours of your brand.

Stay true to your brand!