Benefits of LinkedIn to Social Sector Organisations

LinkedIn Door

LinkedIn has gained wide usage in recent years. A report in 2018 stated that the platform has over 500 million members, in over 200 countries.

There is a reason LinkedIn was named LinkedIn. Impacty is guessing that the reason is because of its maximum potential to link people, foster collaborations and create veritable links for business and work. In this article, we’ll be highlighting how much LinkedIn could be beneficial to your social organisation. We have already stated the first and primary advantage – creating wonderful partnerships.

LinkedIn is also a great platform to flex your muscles and showcase your work. A lot of people call it the ‘boasting avenue’ and they are right. LinkedIn is specially designed to help you make a scene of your achievements and that of your organisation.

Want to do some great research? LinkedIn could be your go-to guy. LinkedIn is rich in resources which could even be filtered to fit your interests and taste. It’s a good place to make some deep and easy research.

Being on LinkedIn gives your organisation some credibility. It is absurd for your volunteers to state that they work with you on LinkedIn and your organisation’s page cannot be found. This is a good reason your organisation should be on LinkedIn and also be active on it.

LinkedIn exposes you to potential donors and sponsors for your program as well as resource persons. People have told stories of how they got great assistance from people on LinkedIn who have seen and believed in their work. You don’t want to miss out on this.

Social connections and building meaningful relationships could begin from you belonging to a LinkedIn group as the lead of a social organisation. You could belong to a group, get active, and from there get recommendations and pass social credibility tests.

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