Some social impact projects might require that you have sub groups and sub projects. Having team pairs might just be a great idea. So how well do you know your team mates before you pair them?

Before you pair them, know them or conduct interviews. Mispairing them might be fatal for that project. Nobody is perfect and that is why some. imperfections are more complementary than others.

In this article, we would be giving you a guide to 5 team pairs that cannot work. There might be more but these 5 pairs are unmistakable. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Two Alpha people:

No, we didn’t say two very smart people. We said two alpha people. It’s a totally bad idea to make two egoistic people work together. It will never work. Two alpha people would like to see that their opinions count and truthfully, it is fatal for every opinion to count every time.

2. Ill-motivated Lads:

We all think we have amazing team members but we can also agree that some need just a push, some need two pushes, some need three and some others need to be pushed by a bull-dozer to be effective. Never pair up two ill-motivated teammates for whatever reason. Your bull-dozer might not even work.

3. Two critics:

It’s great to have critics on your team come serve you their magic but it is abominable to keep them together on the same team to accomplish a task. The task might not see the light of the day and might end up being a breeding place for contempt and a strained working relationship.

4. Two New People:

It’s not so great to pair up new teammates to accomplish a task. They might be competent and willing to work well but they most probably have not fully grasped the common vision and values of the company. For a social impact company, long term goals are important to keep in mind while accomplishing the smaller tasks.

5. Two Unfriendly Folks:

Tasks are not reconciliatory devices. Its great to keep the family together and promote love and peace but when you notice some friction between two people in the team, the time for smashing goals is not the time to pair them up. Get them reconciled before the task if you must pair them up. Malice reduces productivity levels, collaboration and drive. It promotes unhealthy competition and rivalry instead. You sure don’t want your organisation to bear the brunt.

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Fast-tracking social sector stories

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